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Why You Should Rely on a Contractor

Published September 18, 2017

When making the decision to renovate your commercial property, it can be tempting to eschew the traditional route of hiring a contractor or a construction company and instead handle the project more directly in order to save money. While you may see some savings on paper, the potential cost overruns — including any costs you […]

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How Deconstruction and Material Reuse Can Change Your Project

Published September 5, 2017

Before knocking down a wall to make way for your new family room, understand that there may be potential value behind that sledgehammer. As they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure — and that may change how you approach your next project. Deconstruction and material reuse can be applied to any part of […]

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Facebook to Build Central Ohio’s Largest Data Center

Published August 31, 2017

On August 15, Ohio governor John Kasich’s official Facebook page displayed the words, “Facebook chooses Ohio” in big, bold blue and white letters after announcing that the king of social media would build a $750 million data center in New Albany, just northeast of Columbus. Governor Kasich, who has been a champion of tech innovations […]

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The Benefits of Mixed-Use Development

Published August 13, 2017

The construction of mixed-used development properties is becoming more popular. Zoning laws have relaxed and changed throughout the country, leading to a new boom in this type of construction. Developers are continuing to find new, creative ways to blend commercial, residential and even industrial uses in one site. While the size of mixed-use developments can […]

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Preparing Your Property for a Renovation Project

Published August 10, 2017

Once you have hired a contractor and begun your renovation project, you may feel as though everything is under control. More often than not, however, you will face some kind of disruption when undergoing a renovation project large or small. Properly preparing your home for the project can save you time and money — and […]

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The Current Challenges of Solar Roof Installation

Published August 3, 2017

As solar roofs grow in popularity in the United States, certain complications are beginning to arise that are challenging the potential growth of the budding sector. Despite a projected market decline of 2.4% in 2017, converting to solar energy continues to be a popular project undertaken by property owners in the country. The decline is […]

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How Roof Renovations Can Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Published July 25, 2017

When renovating a commercial property, energy responsibility should not be overlooked, especially since commercial properties account for 16% of all greenhouse gas emissions in the United States annually. Conducting a green renovation does not have to be an arduous task, as some of the most effective ways to reduce a carbon footprint start at the […]

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The Right Way to Renovate

Published July 14, 2017

Owning and managing a property can be a lot of work—especially if you are a hands-on owner—and the work can seem overwhelming, especially when renovating an outdated rental property. For some, renovation is simply another way to boost value and profit; for others, it is for pride in the property. Either way, the goal of […]

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The Potential of Eco-Friendly Concrete

Published July 10, 2017

An innovative way to make concrete that has just been brought to market is likely to be a game-changer when it comes to eco-friendly construction. Richard Riman, a professor of engineering and material science at Rutgers University in New Jersey, co-invented a process known as hydrothermal liquid-phase densification, or rHLPD. This process has allowed for […]

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How to Budget for Multifamily Properties

Published July 3, 2017

When owning and managing a multifamily property, cash flow issues can quickly turn a boon into a burden. Without a realistic budget, multifamily property owners can quickly find themselves digging themselves out of debt rather than reaping the rewards of their hard work. While it is easy to fall into some of the more common […]

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"On behalf of myself and my wet ceiling, I want to thank you very very much for having your guys come over.  They fixed the problem!  Thank you for working with me."
- Denice Wiggins – Manor at Craughwell Village
"Quick attention to all matters in the Craughwell Community. When I met w/the Board earlier in Nov, I communicated the responsiveness & professionalism of the Advanced team."
- Lisa P. – Community Association Manager
"Advanced is Prompt, Courteous; knows what they’re doing, and most of all they Care!"
- Don Kaleta – Claremont Retirement Village
"The Advance Team took control of the water extraction in a quick manner and providing the skill sets, tools and man power to make the restoration repairs."
- Timothy S. Facilities Director – COTA
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