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Advanced ConcreteWhether you need commercial or industrial concrete services, Advanced Construction can provide this for you. We firmly believe that a key aspect in the successful construction project is the ability to accurately form a project within the budgets and scheduled time-frames decided prior to the project.

We guarantee to provide you with an honest and accurate estimate for each project. We continually work to achieve a workplace environment that is free from health and safety hazards by requiring that each of our employee’s work in a safe and responsible manner at all times.


Our capabilities extend to full satisfaction of complete concrete projects that include foundations, concrete flatwork, concrete formwork, building floors, exterior concrete paving and exterior concrete site work. Our scope of work includes all facets of concrete construction.

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Sitework and Flatwork Concrete Removals and Replacements
New Concrete Pours and Add-ons Concrete Ramp Construction
Sidewalks, Curbs and Gutter Concrete Grinding and Polishing
Driveways and Driveway Extensions Concrete Wall Construction
Tilt-up Construction (Tilt Wall Construction) Decorative and Colored Concrete Work


We have a team of professionals that is able to provide excellent commercial concrete finishing services for any type of project with the ability to provide our customers with complete concrete construction packages to limit their liability and management risk.

The most common approach to concrete finishing is smoothing. In order to do this the right tools and practice is needed. In order to smooth the concrete, once the concrete is places, a screed is used to level out the surface. Screeds often consist of long pieces of metal or wood that are then pulled and pushed across the surface. This is done to ensure that the excess concrete is removed and that all gaps in the surface are filled in.

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  • Troweling or Floating

Trowels are used to smooth and fine-level the surface of the concrete. This can be done either manually or mechanically and can only be completed once the concrete has been tooled with a screed. A manual way is done with a hand trowel, which in most cases is composed of a flat steel blade with a handle attached and then pushed and pulled across the concrete surface. This is typically used on smaller projects. When it comes to large commercial and industrial projects; power trowels are used. Power trowels are available in walk behind and riding versions. They resemble large fans with the blades sitting directly against the concrete.

  • Edging

This type of finish requires a specific edging tool and a lot of practice. This finish is used to achieve a set of rounded or beveled edges on the finished concrete as well as to create joints where needed in the surface to decrease the probability of its cracking.

  • Broom Finish

Once the placement, leveling and troweling of concrete is done and a smooth surface is created; a broom is dragged across the surface of the concrete which creates small ridges that provide for traction control. This is particularly when the concrete surface is wet. This type of concrete surface is very common on roads as it is slip resistant. A concrete surface without a broom finish is slippery and dangerous when liquids are present.



There are several ways to differentiate the texture of the concrete. Examples are listed below.

  • Exposed Aggregate Finish

This finish provides a slip resistant finish which is created by washing the top layer of concrete away. This way, the edges of the natural stone aggregates that are mixed into the concrete are exposed. Additionally by adding other materials to the standard concrete mix (cement, sand, gravel and water), you can create a unique look depending on the mixture. There is a wide variety of materials that can be used such as rose quartz, limestone, red or blue granite, colored glass or even seashells. Materials containing iron should be avoided as they can stain the concrete. Once the top layer is washed of, a high-quality seal should be used in order to protect the surface. This concrete is often found in sidewalks of old cities.

  • Salt Finish

To create this finish, rock salt is applied to the top of the wet concrete and then washed away. This leaves small pits in the finished surface. This surface is very commonly used for swimming pool decks.

  • Concrete Stain

You can achieve a different colored concrete through the use of various staining products such as acid. The range of colors are typically non-bright. A much larger number of colors can also be achieved with the use of water-based (acrylic) staining products. Although you will obtain a more vibrant color if the stain is applied soon after laying down the concrete, it can still be applied to a concrete that is well-aged. Additionally, an installation of a seal over the concrete that has been stained is very common as it protects the surface.

  • Polished Concrete

For a clean and glossy look, a polished concrete is the answer. A polished concrete is accomplished using concrete floor grinders that are outfitted with diamonds abrasives. Depending on the grade of abrasives, from coarse to fine, a different final smoothness of concrete surface can be achieved. Prior to this, concrete is required to be stripped of any existing sealer or coatings followed by an inspection of visible cracks in order to repair them. Once this is accomplished, a polishing process can begin. In order to provide future protection against water infiltration; chemical hardeners are used to the concrete during the polishing process. The process of polishing can be repeated mutinously using finer and finer abrasives until the desired surface is achieved. Once this is complete, a final application of a sealing product to protect the concrete from oil, chemicals, staining and moisture is added.

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  • Adequate Durability of Concrete
  • Long-lasting Serviceability
  • High Quality Concrete and Its Ingredients (Cement, Sand, Aggregates, Water, Admixture)
  • High Quality of Construction Materials (Binder type, Binder content, Aggregates, Admixture, and Mix Design)
  • Monitored Processes Involved in Manufacture of Concrete (Mixing, Transportation, Compaction, Curing, Temperature and Workmanship)
  • No-Corrosion of Rebar


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